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About me

I've been programming since 2011, however, my first contact with game development was thanks to a little text based game I made inspired by the Fallout series (2013). 

My curiousity led me to wonder how modern games were made, so I decided to take a look at the most powerful game engines. 

I mentor beginners and I also write on a blog.

What are my fields?

I am a gameplay programmer that likes to design and program coherent-cohesive systems of any type of game. 
Usually with Unreal Engine 5, however, I am always open to learn new technology.

I'm also experienced in Network Programming (UE5), VR development, Animation Programming, Technical Design and low level optimization.

My experience

C++ Since 2013

I began working with C++ during my University course in 2013.

Unreal Engine since 2015

My passion for video game programming made me start with Unreal Engine in 2015.

Agile & Git since 2012

I started working with Git and Agile methodologies during my University course in 2012.

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