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Unreal Engine introduced Mover 2.0 in 5.4, this post showcases my first (second) impressions and an overview of the system.


Epic Games recently introduced a new and experimental Movement Component in 5.4, called Mover, so… let’s take a look.

In order to activate the feature, open Edit and within Plugins windows, turn on the following:

Mover Plugins

How does it work?

The following video I’ve recorded showcases the state of the system at the release date of the Plugin during UE 5.4:

Note: At the time of writing, Mover 2.0 is only obtainable through the git version of the engine, branch 5.4 or ue5-main.

Additional resources

In the video I mention two resources:


Thanks for watching!

Hopefully, and as I also said previously, I you are as hyped as I am with this new feature! :)

Enjoy, vori.